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  • Scott Miller - For Crying Out Loud (2009) - [Rock]



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    ARTiST: Scott Miller
    ALBUM: For Crying Out Loud
    BiTRATE: 176kbps avg
    QUALiTY: EAC Secure Mode / LAME 3.97 Final / -V2 --vbr-new / 44.100Khz
    LABEL: F.A.Y. Recordings
    GENRE: Rock
    SiZE: 48.96 megs
    PLAYTiME: 0h 36min 47sec total
    RiP DATE: 2009-01-10
    STORE DATE: 2009-03-00

    Track List:
    01. Cheap Ain't Cheap (For Crying    3:01
        Out Loud)
    02. Sin In Indiana                   2:12
    03. Iron Gate                        3:37
    04. I'm Right Here My Love           2:37
    05. Let You Down                     3:16
    06. Heart In Harm's Way              3:58
    07. Wildcat Whistle                  3:18
    08. She's Still Mine                 2:19
    09. Claire Marie                     3:01
    10. I Can't Dance                    3:04
    11. Feel So Fair To Midland          2:27
    12. Double Indemnity                 3:57

    Release Notes:
    Scott Miller?s latest recorded effort with the Commonwealth titled For Crying
    Out Loud, to be released next year brings finished versions of songs from the
    Appalachian Refugee demos which were sold in small batches earlier this year to
    help finance the making of a full album.

    Some immediate standouts are Sin in Indiana which came from various names Scott
    found while traveling through the Midwest and a belief that New Orleans is so
    crazy because all of the sin from the Midwest gets dumped in the Mississippi and
    the uptempo Claire Marie.

    Digging deeper reveals Double Indemnity and Let You Down, both written with Doug
    Lancio, whom Scott met while touring with Patty Griffin last summer. Doug
    contributed slide guitar and mandolin in addition to producing three of the

    The heartfelt I?m Right Here, My Love was written in tribute to Scott?s in-laws
    after the passing of his wife?s father. It also spotlights a beautiful duet
    vocal from Patty.

    The two covers, Wildcat Whistle by Brad Deaton of the Taoist Cowboys and Tom T.
    Hall?s I Can?t Dance blend in perfectly with the rest of the album, the later
    featuring backing vocals by Tim O?Brien.