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  • Ben Folds - Stems And Seeds (2009) - [Rock]



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    Artist.....: Ben Folds
    Title......: Stems And Seeds
    Label......: Epic Records

    Store Date.: Feb-10-2009
    Genre......: Rock

    Encoder....: Lame 3.97 / -V2 --vbr-new
    Size.......: 102,1 MB

    Track Listing:

    01 - Ettington                                       03:28
    02 - Frown Song                                      03:39
    03 - Dr. Yang                                        02:34
    04 - You Don't Know Me (featuring Regina Spektor)    03:13
    05 - Free Coffee                                     03:11
    06 - Cologne                                         06:00
    07 - Bitch Went Nuts                                 03:09
    08 - Hiroshima                                       03:49
    09 - Kylie And Connecticut                           04:42
    10 - Errant Dog                                      02:26
    11 - Brainwascht                                     04:10
    12 - Cologne (Piano Orchestra Version)               06:09
    13 - Bitch Went Nutz                                 03:56
    14 - Way To Normal                                   02:39
    15 - Free Coffee Town                                02:45
    16 - Lovesick Diagnostician                          02:55
    17 - Frowne Song (Feeble Anthem)                     03:52
    18 - You Don't Know Me (Conan O'Brien Rehearsal)     03:29
    19 - Hiroshima (Japanese Version)                    03:44
    20 - Brainwashed                                     03:38

                                                         73:28 min
    Release Notes:

    Ben Folds' seventh studio recording begins appropriately with an
    Elton John spoof. After a string of introspective albums, the old
    -school (as in Ben Folds Five era) "Hiroshima (B B B Benny Hit His
    Head)," with its bombastic strings, "Benny and the Jets"-inspired
    piano motif and not-so-subtle refrain of "They're watching me,
    watching me fall" marks a return to the snarky, sarcastic days of
    old when Folds' signature blend of nerdy bravado and apathetic
    melodiousness wrested dominance of the proverbial cheap, college
    dorm stereo from They Might Be Giants. Like all of Folds' records,
    Way to Normal is full of melodic hooks and witty, semi-obvious
    barbs. Folds rarely works in metaphor, so when he sings, "The
    bitch went nuts/she stabbed my basketball and the speakers to my
    stereo," that's really all that happened. Surprisingly, it's the
    quieter moments on Way to Normal like "Cologne," "Kylie from
    Connecticut," and to a lesser extent "You Don't Know Me" (the
    latter, a duet with Regina Spektor) that elicit the biggest
    thrills, but they're few and far between. Folds has always found a
    way to balance all of the privileged, rich-kid prickishness with
    moments of surprising profundity, but this time around the
    profanity and outrage feel more forced than usual -- the
    aforementioned "Bitch Went Nuts" feels somehow more sophomoric
    coming from the mouth of a 42-year-old producer, composer, and
    father. Way to Normal may win a few fans back who balked at the
    newfound sincerity that peppered his last two or three records,
    but a little more nuance and a lot less displaced teen angst would
    have made it palatable for everybody. [Folds reissued Way to
    Normal in 2009 as a two-disc set called Stems and Seeds. Disc one
    featured the remixed, remastered, re-sequenced album in its'
    entirety, though without the excessive, radio-ready compression
    that accompanies most major label releases, while disc two
    featured files from the sessions that listeners could upload to
    "Garageband" and remix themselves.]

    did not include disc2 because it's garageband files.