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  • The Rakes - Klang (2009) - [Indie]



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    Artist:   The Rakes
    Title:    Klang!
    Label:    V2
    Genre:    Indie
    Bitrate:  194kbit av.
    Time:     00:29:08
    Size:     42.65 mb
    Rip Date: 2009-02-12
    Str Date: 2009-03-23

    1.  You're In It                                         3:05
    2.  That's The Reason                                    2:46
    3.  The Loneliness Of The Outdoor Smoker                 2:07
    4.  Bitchin' In The Kitchen                              3:07
    5.  The Woes Of The Working Woman                        2:55
    6.  1989                                                 3:00
    7.  Shackleton                                           2:42
    8.  The Light From Your Mac                              3:03
    9.  Muller's Ratchet                                     3:19
    10. The Final Hill                                       3:04

    Release Notes:

    The Rakes decided they wanted to record in a fresh and
    exciting new environment, so they relocated to an industrial
    area in the old Communist part of Berlin. 'The London music
    scene is so dull - it's like wading through a swamp of shit.
    We just wanted to be somewhere more inspiring,' said Rakes
    singer Alan Donohoe. 'Someone suggested Berlin. It didnãt take
    long for everyone to agree, we packed our bags and moved here
    just like that. We love it.'

    They lived and recorded in the grounds of a Bauhaus-designed,
    Soviet radio station that had been converted into a studio.

    On working with producer Chris Zane, Alan Donohoe adds: 'The
    album is raw, playful, exciting, complex and schizophrenic -
    much like the personality of Berlin itself. It couldn't be
    more of a fitting place to record it.'



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