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  • Nat Kendall - Songbird Sing (2008) - [Indie]



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      Artist:      Nat Kendall
      Album:       Songbird Sing
      Label:       Rock Shock It!
      Playtime:    51:06 min
      Genre:       Indie
      Rip date:    2009-02-26
      Street date: 2008-07-08
      Size:        59.91 MB
      Type:        Normal
      Quality:     155 kbps / 4410kHz / Joint Stereo

    - Release Notes ------------------------------------------------------------- -

       The poetic tales of Paige Rasmussen and Nat Kendall join forces with a folk
       rock, hip hop, neo soul, beat machined, steel stringed orchestra to expose
       the spectrum of heartache to healing.  For salty eyed lovers and the broken
       heartist alike, Songbird Sing’s beat crushed doctrine plays out a struggling
       education in love's ever-ebbing tides with richly balanced harmonies,
       emceeing that staggers from poppy to ghostly, sateen vocal hooks and stripped
       down but clever production.  Songbird Sing presents a truth in work with
       sounds drawn of drum machines, acoustic guitars, piano, wood floors, 0’s and
       1’s, hand claps and bus lines.  This whimsical musical bares it all through
       the eyes of the abstract emcee, Nat Kendall, and the luscious vocals of Vegas
       songstress, Paige Rasmussen.

       Both seasoned veterans of the stage, Paige Rasmussen and Nat Kendall have
       honed their skills from the north to the south, slinging hip hop, soul and
       rock across the U.S. in numerous formations.  Nat Kendall sharpened up his
       emcee skills while constantly touring with the eight-man army known as
       Eightrack Mind.  Putting out two successful albums and touring religiously
       for the last six years, the live hip hop band has shared the stage with acts
       as diverse as the Wailers to the Wu-Tang.  Paige Rasmussen has held it down
       with her soul band, BlueJack, and torn up everything from performing at the
       2001 Winter Olympics to Sturgis.  She is constantly dropping cameos and can
       now be found, lavishly adorned with boa constrictors and costumes, singing
       for a Cuban-American musical in Vegas.

       Songbird Sing is the second collaboration in the nat kendall presents series,
       which is a concept to progressively weave disparate artistic forces with the
       beats and rhymes of Nat Kendall.  Cy Ducharme, a folk rock singer/songwriter
       from the Minneapolis scene, and Nat Kendall were brought together under the
       independent label rock shock it! records, to co-produce Lovers and Ghosts.
       The success of that first collaboration launched the series into full swing.
       Lovers and Ghosts traced a man’s journey through social, political and
       physical boundaries, brought him to the edge and finally captured the
       disconnection from our modern world.  Lovers and Ghosts charted on CMJ, was
       featured in the December 2006 Rolling Stone and continues to be a top seller.

       After nearly two years of cross-continent production, the Songbird Sing album
       has finally flown the nest and the duo has touring slated for late summer,
       2008 to follow up the release.

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    \/ _===============_ \/

    - Track List ---------------------------------------------------------------- -

      01. All I Got                                                         ( 5:14)
      02. Hello                                                             ( 4:07)
      03. Caged Bird                                                        ( 3:38)
      04. Time And Time                                                     ( 4:41)
      05. Dignified Man                                                     ( 4:16)
      06. Exactly Right There                                               ( 4:26)
      07. Old Fingers                                                       ( 4:07)
      08. On Again                                                          ( 4:30)
      09. Please Hold On                                                    ( 4:21)
      10. The Wiring                                                        ( 3:41)
      11. This Waltz                                                        ( 5:02)
      12. Last Words                                                        ( 3:03)

    - --------------------------------------------------------------------------- -