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  • Kevin Devine - Brothers Blood (2009) - [Indie]



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    ARTIST: Kevin Devine
    TITLE: Brother's Blood
    LABEL: Favorite Gentlemen
    GENRE: Alternative
    BITRATE: 166kbps avg
    PLAYTIME: 0h 51m total
    RELEASE DATE: 2009-04-28
    RIP DATE: 2009-02-23

    Track List
    1.  All of Everything, Erased        4:36
    2.  Carnival                         6:34
    3.  Time To Burn (Another Bag of     4:15
    4.  Hand of God (When You Breathe,   3:55
    5.  Brother's Blood                  7:53
    6.  Fever Moon                       3:23
    7.  It's Only Your Life              5:55
    8.  Murphy's Song                    4:42
    9.  I Could Be With Anyone           2:49
    10. Yr Husband                       4:47
    11. Tomorrow's Just Too Late         2:39

    Release Notes:

    Ranging from a whispered hum to a cathartic holler and boiling over with his
    skillful wordsmithery, Kevin Devine & The Goddamn Band's Brother's Blood will be
    released April 28 via Favorite Gentlemen Recordings. The first for the label and
    the fifth album in Devine's impressive oeuvre, the LP furthers his adventures in
    exploring new stylistic territory and reflects the diverse talent and
    contributions of his musical handymen, The Goddamn Band.

    Testament to Devine's sonic ambidexterity, Brother's Blood showcases the
    Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter's versatility and range, one that has afforded
    him the unique privilege of capturing the hearts of fans of a variety of genres.
    Case in point, in the last two years he's played nearly 600 shows with a
    dizzying mix of artists ranging from Rachel Yamagata to She & Him and the
    All-American Rejects to Manchester Orchestra. That's in addition to his
    packed-out headline gigs and his guest appearances with friends Brand New and
    Okkervil River during their individual sets at Lollapalooza 2008.

    Just as much as Devine loves the road he has an equal fondness for the studio,
    and in the midst of all his globetrotting, he cooked up Brother's Blood. A
    confident mission statement about conscience, culture and personality, the album
    is resounding evidence of his impressive maturation as musician. Recorded at
    Williamsburg Headgear Studios with his Goddamn Band (Brian Bonz on keys &
    percussion, Chris Bracco on bass, Mike Skinner on drums, Russell Smith on
    guitar, and Mike Strandberg on guitar), Devine deliberately ceded more control
    of arrangement to his players, hoping to affect a more live, full-band feel for
    the first time on record.

    Lead single "I Could Be With Anyone" is a charging and hook-heavy pop song
    equally indebted to The Cars and Superchunk while the title track is a massive
    and dynamic song fueled by epic guitar freakouts in the vein of Neil Young and
    Built To Spill. Meanwhile, opener "All Of Everything, Erased" shows off Devine's
    quieter side as he lays a bed of nimble and rhythmic finger-picking and vividly
    describes a world fed up with humanity. "Fever Moon" is a sultry,
    Latin-influenced meditation on lust and its consequences that wouldn't seem out
    of place on a 1970s Leonard Cohen album.

    While Devine and co. are gearing back up for the road, they'll offer a sneak
    peak into the new material this March at SXSW. They will celebrate the album's
    arrival with a hometown show at NYC's Bowery Ballroom Friday, April 24 with a
    full headline tour to follow shortly after.



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