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  • Lady and Bird - La Ballade of (2009) - [Indie]



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    Artist.......: Lady and Bird
    Album........: La ballade of
    Label........: Delabel / Emi
    Genre........: Indie
    Catnr........: n/a
    source.......: CDDA Sep-15-2009 Sept.2009
    quality......: VBR/44.1Hz/Joint-Stereo
    Url..........: n/a

    track  title                                          time

    01.   Malmo Livs                                    07:31
    02.   For you and I                                 04:05
    03.   Not going anywhere                            04:05
    04.   Sailor and Widow                              03:55
    05.   One more trip                                 05:14
    06.   Ghost from the past                           05:48
    07.   Where no endings end                          04:20
    08.   Liberty                                       06:25
    09.   The world is gray                             04:18
    10.   Inside                                        06:22
    11.   Que n'ai-je                                   03:45
    12.   Forward and reverse                           04:04
    13.   Run in the morning sun                        07:26

                                                Runtime  67:18 min
                                                Size     84,10 MB

    Release Notes:

    Performed by Lady and Bird and the Iceland Symphony
    Orchestra. Recorded live in Reykjavik by the
    National Radio of Iceland on June 5th.2008.

    About Lady & Bird

    Beguiling and mysterious, the self-titled eponymous debut album from Lady & Bird performed and recorded by Keren Ann Zeidel and Bardi Johannsson exists in a unique universe wholly of its own creation. Subtitled "A Children's Story For Adults," the ten-song CD is certainly not aimed at the preschool set. Far from it. Lady & Bird tells the story of two curious, disembodied creatures who are stuck in the bodies of a pair of grownups. From selections like Lou Reed's "Stephanie Says or "Suicide Is Painless" (alias "The Theme from M*A*S*H to the eight delicately haunting original compositions you can catch a glimpse of these two peculiar innocents as their quiet melodies slip between the crack of night and day, and seep into our natural world.